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Living for Living Coral

This past December, Pantone released its new color of the year for 2019 as Living Coral.  Back then, it was way too early to fully appreciate that color in my closet, but as spring time nears, I have been looking at it for inspiration. 

Pantone’s Living Coral is a shade that surrounds you in warmth and nourishment. It has a playful and lively nature, which is why it’s the perfect go-to for spring. This vibrant color has gorgeous pinky tones that will sure brighten your mood and outfit. If you are wondering how these colors are even chosen each year, the Pantone Color Institute actually has a consulting division that analyzes trends and new color influences, to eventually finalize the perfect color for the year. 

This lively hue embodies feeling youthful and symbolizes optimism.  Pantone wants this color to bring a joyful presence, making it the perfect color to wear during any outdoor spring pursuits (picnics, walk in the park!).   

While Pantone describes this color as being more orangey with golden undertones, we think it’s best to just use this shade as inspiration and build a color palette around it.  Take a peek below at how we would add coral into our wardrobe this spring and summer. 

Are you loving this color as much as we do? Tell us in the comments below!

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